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Program Summaries
Without question, some of the most important pages that appear in our newsletter, THE POLIO POST NEWS, are the summaries of the programs we schedule every month (with the exception of our three month haitus in the summer).  We consider ourselves very lucky to be in an area where we can tap an almost limitless resource of extremely talented and knowledgeable professionals, medical and otherwise, as speakers.  These are some of the most dedicated professionals available anywhere, and almost all are enthusiatic about researching and helping us spread the knowledge about post-polio syndrome and how to deal with it.  The summaries available on this web page reflect those professionals most professional thoughts as well as their hopes for the survivors of polio.

Our summarization process begins with tape recording each program so that the summary can be presented accurately.  The typed summary is then sent to the speaker for any corrections and/or additions they may wish to make.  We invite the speaker to embellish any point they may wish; the point of the summary is to be sure you understand the speaker exactly.  No summary ever sees print until it has had final approval of the speaker.  That way, you can always be assured of the accuracy of the summaries you read here or in the POLIO POST NEWS.

We'd like to take a moment to offer our thanks to one of our members, Danny Trivett, who took us at our word when we said that we are always open to ideas and suggestions.  Creating this web page of program summaries is his idea, and a very popular one.  What you see here is just the start; we should be able to back about ten years worth before we're done.  All summaries are in the PDF format and printable.
November Program, 2012
"Back Pain:  Zero In On The Problem"
Troy D. Lowell, MD
(Ocala Orthopedic Care)

October Program, 2012
"Forgot Those Resolutions? Fall Back On Them For Health's Sake!"
Speaker:  Alina Stoothoff, BS, CMPH
(The Centers)

September Program, 20012
"The Link Between Polio and Diabetes"
Speaker:  Bruce Wolosky, DPM, PA
(Podiatry Services of Florida)

May Program, 2012
"Getting Your Plate In Shape"
Speaker:  Joy Semelka, MS, RD, LDN, CDE
(DiaTrition, Inc)

April Program, 2012
"Heart To Heart:  Exercise, Heart Disease & Post-Polio"
Speakers:  Gordon Wertz, RN; Chrissie Wilson, RN, Fred Shirley, MS, PT, CEAS

March Program, 2012
"Healthy Eyes and Healthy Body"
Speaker:  Catherine Ranges, C.O.T., O.ST

February Program, 2012
"What Makes You Tick"
Speaker:  Daniel Rieders, MD, MACC, GHRS, CCDS

January Program, 2012
"The Balancing Act"
Speaker:  Fred Shirley, MS, PT, CEAS
(Citrus Memorial Health System)

October Program, 2011
"Surviving Medicine in the 21st Century"
Speaker:  Norman Anderson, MD, PA
(Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute)

September Program, 2011
"Post-Polio Syndrome Update"
Speaker:  Bruce Wolosky, DPM, PA
(Podiatry Services of Florida)

April Summary, 2011
"Let's Talk About Aquatic Therapy"
Speaker:  Fred Shirley, MS, PT, CEAS
(Citrus Memorial Health System)

March Program, 2011
"Hip & Knee Pain:  Getting A Good Diagnosis"
Speaker:  Fred Shirley, MS, PT, CEAS
(Citrus Memorial Health System)

February Program, 2011
"Live Long and Healthy"
Speaker:  Vijaya Koka, MD
(Cardiovascular Institute of Central Florida)

January Program, 2011
"Diagnosis and Treatment Options of Post-Polio Syndrome"
Speaker:  Prathima Reddy, MD
(Physical Medicine &Rehabilitation)

November Program, 2010
"Alternative Medicine"
Speaker:  Norman Anderson MD
(Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute)

October Program, 2010
"Falling From Grace"
Speaker: Fred Shirley, MS, PT, CEAS
(Citrus Memorial Health System)

March Program, 2010
"New Treatment Options for Arthritis"
Speaker:  Derek Farr, DO (Orthopedic Surgeon)
(Twin Palms Orthopedics)

February Program, 2010
"The One Muscle You Cannot Live Without"
Speaker:  John Brock, MD (Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon)

January Program, 1010
"After The Holidays, Be Good To Yourself"
Speaker:  joy Semelka, MS, RD, LDN, CDE
(Dia-Trition, Inc)

October Program, 2009
"How To Grow Younger... A Preferred Alternative To Aging"
Speaker:  Norman H. Anderson, MD, PA
(Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute)

September Program, 2009
"Lower Extremity Orthotics"
Speaker: Steve Mersch, CPO, LPO
(Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics)

August Program, 2009
"PPS and the Story of Two Brothers"
Speaker:  Jesse Lipnik, MD

April Program, 2009
"The After Effects of Polio:  Does Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Help?"
Speaker:  Paul Bruce, DC
(Bruce Chiropractic & Comprehensive Care)

March Program, 2009
"Oops! Don't Lose Your Footing!! (Your Feet Are Your Foundation)"
Bruce Wolosky, DPM, PA (Podiatry Services of Florida)
Guiseppi Lombardo (Lombardo Shoes)

February Program, 2009
"Yoga, Meditation & Massage:  Just Relax!!"
Sheila Ramos
Stewart Feinman
Germain Kolach

January Program, 2009
"Post-Polio Syndrome and Neurology"
Speaker:  Barry Kaplan, MD (Neurosurgery)

November Program, 2008
"Developing A Connected Healthcare Community"
Speaker:  David Willis, MD
(Medical Director, Ocala West Family Medicine)

October Program, 2008
"Hip Bone Connected to the Knee Bone"
Speaker:  Fred Shirley, MS, PT, CEAS
(Citrus Memorial Health System)

September Program, 2008
"Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease"
Speaker:  J.D. Steed, MD
(The Family Doctors of Belleview)

March Program, 2008
"Energy Conservation Techniques for Post-Polio Syndrome"
Speaker:  Wendy Boyher, OTR/L
(Director of Rehabilitation, Integrity Home Health Care)

February Program, 2008
"Importance of Oral Health"
Speaker:  Scott A. Jackson, DMD, FACD

November Program, 2007
"Coping With Polio's Late Effects"
Frederick Maynard, MD
Sunny Rollers
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